Marimekko is coming to Uniqlo stores


I’ve been waiting for Marimekko to hit stateside for a while now. The legendary Finnish brand didn’t even become a thing for me until I visited Finland last September, but ever since then I’ve wished that I could purchase the design label’s quirky and colorful patterns in U.S. shops. You can order everything online, but it’s not a good replacement for walking into one of their chic stores. 

Uniqlo and I, on the other hand, have a somewhat strained relationship. I love how gorgeous their stores tend to be and I love their prices. I love stocking up on basics that are perfect for layering in all sorts of weather. I especially love their comfy as all heck underwear. But I just can’t wear their baggy, boxy t-shirts.

“But that’s the style in Japan, and it’s a Japanese company,” I had a friend once tell me. Yes, I know. But I just don’t look great in their tops, despite how cute they are. It’s a shame and it upsets me because the line has some of the best collaborations I’ve seen. Nintendo was a stand out collection for me. Despite my feelings towards the shirts, I’ve seen their clothing look absolutely amazing on other body types so it could work for you! Definitely try everything on!

A pairing between a Finnish brand and a Japanese one may seem odd at first, but it’s not too far off. The two countries seem to have a special kind of rapport going on, aided by cheap flights and Moomin. I see the appeal, since I adore Moomin, too. (For the uninitiated, Moomin is not a spooky hippo.) If you want to learn more about Japan and Finland’s special connection, I recommend reading this Culture Trip article When you’re done, also take a look at this brilliant Finnish-made anime that was created specifically to hype up Finnish youth about voting!


Anyway…Finland and Japan, back together again with a Uniqlo/Marimekko collaboration. I adore the Maija and Kukkia Rakkaalle patterns. The former’s intricate floral patterns with red accents will pair with loads of different looks. The latter is less flexible, but would look great paired with denim skinny jeans and sandals or pretty much just anything with a solid color. They range from simple to intricate, which is exactly what I love so much about Marimekko. Their designs are versatile and go with everything.

Kukkia rakkaalle Also available as a sleeveless blouse.

In the Finnish Marimekko shops, the pieces can get pretty pricey. If you’re ever on a ship heading from Helsinki to Tallinn (totally recommend this, btw), you can snag some of the bags and mugs a bit cheaper during different intervals of the trip. They drop the prices as you get closer to shore, so hold off on your shopping until then. Because of the high prices in Finland, I’m really ecstatic by the price points in the Uniqlo collection. The tops go for around $19.95 USD, with some of the pants going for around $39.99 USD.

The collection goes on sale both in-stores and online on March 29th!

What do you think of this collaboration? Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments.



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