I have thoughts on these new Overwatch hoodies


Jinx is putting out Overwatch hoodies.

*cues excitement*

But wait.

I don’t…think I like them.

*cues pitchforks*

Okay, please hear me out! I’m an avid Overwatch player, though this is a more recent development. The game has a huge, insanely devoted audience so it would make perfect sense for Jinx Clothing to put out a bunch of new gear to celebrate this. I’m all for it – I absolutely love their Rocket League clothing and have purchased many t-shirts from them in the past. Those t-shirts were mainly World of Warcraft-themed (which I do not play anymore), and I really miss when the company offered more licenses. Alas, this is what we get and normally I would tip my hat their design team.

But these hoodies are confusing me.

Jinx was slowly unveiling previews for the past several weeks, trickling out three designs at a time. Most of them were greeted with a warm reception, especially the Hanzo design. I’ve never played Hanzo in my life, but that design? Hoo, boy. Even I would wear that.


They previewed a gorgeous Symmetra design with a lotus flower on the back, and even though I never play her either, I was tempted to buy the hoodie. Except…they removed the lotus flower and replaced it WITH A GIANT HAND. I’m not thrilled, and according to many people over on Twitter, I am not the only one. I was left scratching my head with some of the design choices and there was one word to describe them that kept sticking out in my mind: Inconsistent.

Some of the designs are very nice, with excellent color combinations. On the front, they have a small emblem which differs from the one on the back. Except in Sombra’s case. The emblem on the front is the same that’s on the back, and do you see where I’m getting the inconsistency vibe, now? Hanzo has a costumey sleeve that is really unique and cool, Zenyatta (my main) has…barely anything on it. It feels like a missed opportunity, as others have suggested that his orbs should be strewn around the neckline to mimic his design in-game. It’s a great idea, and I’m not sure what the designers were thinking when they made the choices they did. Did four separate designers make these and just not check in with each other?

Still, I will say this: the Jinx hoodies tend to be of excellent quality and last forever. I’ve purchased a couple hoodies from them in the past and have not been disappointed yet. While I probably won’t be picking any of these hoodies up, except for maybe Lucio’s, I’m glad that they’re making them. I hope in the future they put out more Overwatch designs or that they go back and maybe tweak some of the hoodies to represent the ultimate abilities a bit better.

The hoodies are in preview right now and are slated to be available for purchase by the fall.

What do you think of the hoodies? Will you be buying any?


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