Snack Review: Simply Organic White Cheddar Doritos


What I really wanted to eat and review was the new Taco Bell sauce packet chips, but they weren’t in our store yet. Instead, I got my hands on the new Simply Organic White Cheddar Doritos. If you’d rather watch my reaction and take on these new Doritos, please check out my Twitch highlight from May 21st!


For those who can’t watch the video, here are my thoughts on this new chip: Totally pointless. That seems harsh, and I do think organic foods have merit. I like purchasing organic vegetables from local farmers whenever possible, and I like to eat healthy. But Doritos are not healthy. They are a junk snack food that you are supposed to consume in moderation, and if you want to eat Doritos…just eat some Doritos! I wouldn’t be as harsh on them if they actually tasted good. But they are cardboard. And that is sad.

The bag didn’t have much of a cheesy aroma to it and the chips themselves were crunchy but lacked flavor. I thought at first maybe I just didn’t grab a chip that was well-seasoned. That happens, sometimes. You’ll reach into the bag and BAM, you hit the holy grail of chips. It’s COVERED in powder. But nah. All the chips in the bag were like this. Devoid of flavor. Devoid of soul. Devoid of fun.

So, save yourself a bit of money and grab a bag of regular Doritos. Put a small portion of them into a small baggie. Portion control that shit. Don’t do what I did, and eat the entire bag in only two sittings, because apparently a serving size is only 11 chips. Whoops. Snaccident.


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