Twitch – On Deck for July!

Hey guys, here’s what I currently have planned for the STREAMS in July! I hope you join me and Archim for some fun games and snacks!

Special 200 follower special! Catnips bubbles! CATS. WITH BUBBLES. INFUSED WITH NIP. It’ll be cute!

JUST FINISHED: Gray Dawn, a psychological horror-adventure game by Interactive Stone. Check out the trailer for the game here. We really enjoyed it, though we’re still processing what we just played. It was crazy, creepy, and we still have no idea what happened but we liked it!

UP NEXT: More Monster Prom. We still haven’t managed to take any monsters to prom just yet and I’m determined.  (Wednesday, June 27th, at 10 PM EST)

ON DECK FOR JULY: Sea of Thieves featuring a very special BAHAMIAN snack stream with Tortuga Brand Coconut Rum Cake (brought back directly from the Bahamas!), Tortuga Brand Coconut Rum (maybe we’ll make cocktails with it?), Goombay Hot Sauce!

Subnautica – I discovered I love to swim! I was in the ocean and everything! It was supposed to be impossible, but I did it! Does that mean I can play ocean-related video games now? Let’s find out together!

Dark Souls 3 – This has been specially requested by some of you. Fine, alright! I’ll play it! But I’m going to be TERRIBLE at you and you know that!

Yooka-Laylee – I’ve been itching for a platformer lately. I’ve had this one for a while and just never touched it. I heard it was nowhere near as good at Banjo-Kazooie, but I think it’s worth looking into, don’t you agree?

Other games I’ll try to sneak in:  Torin’s Passage, The Sexy Brutale, Rime, who knows what else I’ll pull out of left field?




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