What’s new on my stream


Apparently, it was my Twitch 2-month anniversary the other day. Whee!

I try not to get too into how many followers or views that I have. It’s hard. I think everyone struggles with this, which is why so many people decide to switch off viewers altogether. So going forward, I’ll be toggling off my viewers in hopes that it will enable me to not psyche myself out and just focus on creating decent content and fostering better communication/interaction.

So, what’s new?

Let’s see…I finished Shelter 2 on stream yesterday. It was good! A pretty solid experience that made me feel things, which is something I always enjoy in a game. I love games that make me cry, or at the very least tug at my heartstrings. So in this case, Shelter 2 was successful. It’s very cheap on Steam right now for the summer sale (which ends soon, so hurry!), and I would recommend it. I wouldn’t recommend it at full price, however. There’s just not enough gameplay or value there. But at its current sale price? Absolutely.

I still plan on doing some Sea of Thieves with Bahamian snacks. That’s coming up in July.

I will also now be adding Final Fantasy XIV as a main game! I wanted to play something on a more consistent basis, and this is one of the few games I am actually VERY comfortable with. I haven’t played it in a few months though, so it’s going to be a bit of an adjustment period as I relearn how to play! There’s a new patch out on Tuesday that looks pretty interesting.

I have a smack load of games that I want to stream for you, so I’ve been thinking about doing the A-Z challenge that I’ve seen kicking around on Twitch lately. This will start the first week of July. Hype!

A new extension has been added to my stream. You may have noticed a button on the screen. When you click it, it’ll prompt you to pick an emoji. Once you find one you like, click it and you’ll see it flutter upwards on the screen. It’s just another way to interact with the stream, and I love seeing the emojis fly! Pretty fun in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s about it for this blog post. I hope to see you all in my stream soon. I stream M, W, F usually at 10 pm EST, though sometimes I’ll sneak in an earlier stream (3 pm to 7 pm EST seems to work well for me) to accommodate other folks. Hope to see you around!


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