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My brain must be in need of a good nonfiction book because I’ve been playing educational games on my stream.

I picked up Pepper’s Adventure in Time again, for what probably amounts to the hundredth time since I first purchased it in 1993 when Sierra On-Line was still in its golden age of awesomeness. I really miss educational games like these. They really got me into the whole point-and-click genre and from the Discovery Series, I dove right into the King’s Quest series as I got a bit older.

Pepper’s Adventures in Time is surprisingly hilarious. The dialog is top-notch, funny, and I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE CREEPY DOG HEADSTONE IN IMA’S CLOSET. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stream the entire game all in one go because I knocked into the “out of handles!” error on Dos Box. Whomp whomp. We’ll get that fixed up asap and then we’ll be able to finish the rest on stream. You do not want to miss the finale…it’s quite the ~thing.~ Also bonus fun is having my Finnish partner hanging out playing the game with me because he’s learning American history at the same time and he’s actually enjoying it.

This game was made for ages 8+, and the fact that my chat full of adults struggled during the first ten minutes of the game really says something about the difficulty of the Discovery Series. I wasn’t exaggerating when I told my friends that it would sometimes take me a month or two to solve a puzzle. My parents loved this because it meant they had plenty of time before they were asked to shell out another $40-$60 for a PC game.

We’re going to get to Ecoquest 1: The Search for Cetus and Ecoquest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest as well! These were my favorites as a young girl, and they impacted me so much that I wanted to go to university for ecology. Unfortunately, I was discouraged from science because it had too much math. I still think about what my life would have been like if I had applied myself and just chosen the major that I wanted regardless of the math.


These games are going to be a part of my new FAMILY FRIENDLY stream. I’ve seen loads of people doing family friend streams and wanting to watch more streams with their kids, so these games are perfect for that.

Still on deck: Bahamian snack stream (with Pirate101 instead of Sea of Thieves), A-Z challenge (which is already giving me issues because my A game isn’t working, so this got pushed back).



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